What We Do

Lumos News is a non-profit news channel that helps 3rd-8th graders understand current events and evaluate online information. We create age-appropriate video journalism that provides historical context and civics education to frame the news of the day.

We meet kids where they are both with our content and our distribution. In addition to free online distribution through social networks, we will reach kids in the classroom through partnerships with school districts and by aligning our content with curriculum standards.

Children are particularly interested in current events right now, but age-appropriate journalism is disappearing. Channel One shut down in 2018. Nick News with Linda Ellerbee went off the air in 2015.

Meanwhile, kids have migrated to YouTube and other social media platforms, where unfortunately, if they are looking for information on current events, they are more likely to find opinions, misinformation, and extremism than they are to find credible, trustworthy journalism.

At a time when kids have a lot of questions, this is not the way to answer them. In this era of information pollution, there is an urgent need for a trusted source of truth that can help kids understand current events while also teaching them to sort fact from fiction in today’s complex and confusing media ecosystem.